Digital Asset Management

A better way for marketing and creative teams to collaborate

Digital asset management and desktop storage combined - with Third Light project sync, you can finally choose both ways of working in one product

DAM and desktop storage unified

Chorus instantly updates project files between the cloud and workstations - both Windows and macOS - meaning your existing workflows continue, uninterrupted.

Files can be edited in creative software without plugins - just click save and you're done.

Adding the capabilities of DAM to desktop workflows opens up a world of new possibilities. Once you've tried it, there's no going back.

Team collaboration using Spaces in Third Light

A space for every kind of work

Serving as virtual homes for marketing and creative teams, Chorus’s highly configurable spaces mirror the way you already work.

They’re loaded with smart features and tools that automate and simplify everyday work-in-progress projects. Streamline creation, storage and collaboration – across your organization and beyond.


Chat and Comments inside Third Light DAM

Everyone on one page

Collaboration needs effective communication. Built-in chat manages your file approval process and keeps everyone on track, attaching team feedback to the files you’re all working on.

Beyond sign-off, track the stages of each file’s activity – from edits to shares and downloads.


Share projects as links and publishing using Third Light

Quick and secure collaboration

You don’t have to move your folders somewhere more public to collaborate with others. Simply share that container with individuals, teams - and external contributors, too.

As a configurable digital asset management system, Chorus allows you to control access to your files, from just viewing through to sharing with their own collaborators.


Cropping and reuse simplifies digital asset management publishing to the web - you can easily make links to your files, and derivatives of images cascade through to existing links

Your finished media, tailored to go

Picture your organization’s images, formatted and cropped to the correct ratio for immediate use. Social, web... you don't even need to download the files - just copy a link.

You'll be able to make multiple variants of a single file, without taking up any more storage. Original asset need updating? Edit it, and your changes will cascade to all other versions - even the ones published to web sites.


Publishing content directly from Third Light DAM software

Your brand, shared with the world

As well as connecting with your CMS, Chorus can publish links to content as branded micro-sites with just one click. It has never been easier to share content libraries online.

Password-protected or fully open, link publishing gives you a branded space to share your content and files with a wider audience.


Managing tagging and metadata - Adobe XMP and IPTC

Content everyone can find

Adding metadata to files supercharges their usability and saves your workforce precious time. Choose from controlled vocabularies, drop-down lists, visual labels and more, to help them find your media - fast.

Folder and batch editing help you process multiple files efficiently; AI-driven tagging marks up thousands of images almost instantly, and in astonishing detail.


Search and smart collections to automatically categorize content using metadata

Automated search of your media

Chorus takes search to the next level. Create a smart collection and set rules from a menu of your fields such as keywords, status, labels… whatever you’re looking for.

Every file that matches up will appear there automatically. Once you’ve told a smart collection what to search for, it never stops looking.


Creative Workflow and work in progress dashboard in Third Light Chorus

Usage and approvals in one place

Spend more time on creative work while the workflow dashboard drives handoff between users and managers.

The dashboard handles approvals and feedback, letting approvers respond to usage requests as soon as they happen.


Activity and reporting features in Third Light Chorus

Each step to delivery, captured

Keep an eye on progress with Chorus’s activity log, where every upload, edit, share and download is recorded and searchable.

As files are used and reused across projects, team members can add notes themselves to provide extra detail for colleagues.


Activity and Statistics - digital asset management auditing tools built in as standard

Monitoring and reporting

Once that brilliant content has left your team’s hands, guide your next project with easy-to-use reporting on this one.

Who’s viewing what? Which images are the most popular? Which email shares got a download? Chorus records it all – then crunches the numbers into simple, useful graphs - and sends email reports.


Trusted by brands around the globe

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For nearly two decades we’ve helped marketing and creative teams worldwide manage their digital media. They're supported by our award-winning Customer Success team, who are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your Chorus site.

See success stories

  • "Third Light is a sound platform with the best customer and technical support of any software I've used. This shouldn't be understated! It's what any software should be... but I've struggled in my 8+ years to find DAM software that actually works properly. Third Light Support is always responsive, extremely knowledgable, and can provide both technical and creative solutions."

    Matthew - Digital Asset Manager - G2Crowd Review
  • "We took the decision to use Third Light as our digital asset management tool for all our websites and digital products. It offered flexibility of use at a very good price. "

    Oliver Davies, Head of Digital, UKTV
  • "Third Light's installation package and PDF walk-through made installing the server a cinch. We couldn't be more pleased with the support we have received. Direct and rapid support from helpful people at Third Light means that problems are resolved quickly and with the minimum of fuss."

    Ian Tolley, IT Manager, The British Postal Museum and Archive
  • "We have four sites with Third Light and have worked with them for five years. Theirs is a solid and reliable system, with excellent support. Highly recommended."

    Paul Brown, Paul Brown Imaging
  • "If you are searching for a complete digital asset management system, look no further than Third Light. Publishing files directly to social media or to unique URL's, creating Lightboxes and quickly distributing event links are just some of the ways to utilize this powerful yet simple tool! My users are thrilled with the system. I've even received emails from our IT people saying how professional the Third Light team is when their help is needed. "

    Dani Machlis, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
  • "The whole system is really easy to use - both as an admin and a user. Users are asking way less questions re help than before, which means it is simple to use and easy to understand... which is great! I would happily recommend Third Light to anyone looking for this kind of service."

    Rachel - Corporate Affairs & Marketing Co-ordinator - G2 Review
  • "As we've grown to over one million assets, I can confidently tell you that the queries are incredibly fast, responsive, and accurate. This is an IT implementation you won't regret. Third Light is extremely stable, highly scalable, and far exceeded our expectations. This support organization is the best I've dealt with in 20 years of IT, hands down. "

    Eric Newsome, Historic Images
  • "Design of the site is very contemporary and more modern compared to previous software offered by Thirdlight. Searching and refining searches in the site is much easier and much more obvious for the standard day-to-day users we have on our system. Navigation through site is great and was one of the first things our users noticed upon logging in. The pricing structure compared to rivals is very fair. We have over 300,000 assets on the site and searching is much quicker than it was on IMS which is fantastic for our users and saves a lot of time in the long-run."

    Jordon - Photography Coordinator - G2 Review
  • "Handles video (especially professional video formats) better than any system we've tested (and that includes over 50 DAM solutions). Also handles virtually any other file format used in creative environments. Customer service is superb."

    Chris - VP & Creative Director - G2 Review
  • "We have a true cross-platform collaboration tool. Our customers are impressed by the level of sophistication presented by our DAM as they work with their catalogues of images. The customer support we receive from Third Light is exceptional. They are always timely with responses, and have yet to leave a question unanswered."

    Eric Newsome, Historic Images

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Read more about Chorus Spaces

Spaces are virtual private rooms where teams can collaborate. Anyone can create a space and manage it. To add people you simply drag and drop them into it. You can assign roles and control what they can do there: view, edit, download, share.

Spaces are a place to store a team’s files, but they are much more. Spaces can have their own metadata rules, labels, cropping presets - or they can inherit them from another space.

Spaces come alive when you add comments. Each space has its thread of conversation. Reviews, usage notes - or a simple thumbs-up - make approvals fast and friendly.


Read more about Chorus Comments

The Chorus comments module adds discussion threads to every space, folder and file. By moving the conversation to where the files are worked on they turn a file store into a workspace.

Comments are great for leaving review notes as part of workflow, usage notes as part of a tracking process, they can be a checklist for a team project, or a place to leave a thumbs-up to say a project is done.


Read more about Chorus sharing

In Chorus every folder and collection can be shared - even smart collections.

Sharing is as easy as dragging a person onto the folder and choosing what they can do. Un-sharing is as simple as dragging them back.

When sharing you never lose control of what other people can do with your files. You can give permission to edit, delete, download, publish, share on to other people. If you don’t want them to do these things with your files - don’t give them permission to.

Crops, Downloads & Derivatives

Read more about Chorus crops, downloads and derivatives

Chorus makes repurposing images simple and intuitive. Images, videos, documents and audio can be converted, videos can be resized, images can be cropped - including in batches.

Each space can have presets. No-one has to remember what size a Twitter banner is; everyone will get it pixel-perfect every time.

Chorus supports derivative versions, where your settings like cropping or converting the format are applied - and they automatically track changes to the original file.

Shared links

Read more about Chorus published links

Chorus has Shared Links: themed micro-sites that share the contents of a folder through a normal web link. They can be lightly branded from the Chorus UI or deeply branded by editing the web-templates.

Shared links are great for quickly sharing files with external partners. They can be open to the world or locked to a few email addresses, and your partners won't need to register their own Chorus account.

If you have access to a web developer you can create your own themes using Git, handlebars templates and SCSS.


Read more about Chorus metadata

Chorus includes a search engine that works with keywords, labels, text, dates and trees. You can create your own fields and gather them into panels.

Each space can have its own metadata definitions to help teams with different needs, and they can also share panels when needed.

Editing files in batches is easy to do in a few clicks - and if you tag a folder, all the files in the folder will get tagged too, using intelligent overlays.

There’s so much more we haven’t mentioned, like AI tagging, guided search facets, GPS location maps, and industry standards we read and write. If you're serious about metadata, Chorus goes far beyond the capabilities of most DAMs.


Read more about the Chorus search engine

Chorus has a powerful search engine that can sift through huge amounts of metadata. In performance tests, we regularly check it works with 28 million tags in 5000 fields - in around 4 million files!

Finding a folder is instant, thanks to our path search bar. It picks out the place in Chorus you're looking for, and offers suggestions as fast as you can type.

The same search engine powers smart collections: saved searches that look like folders, but automatically update when the results change. They are incredibly useful for all kinds of admin tasks and workflow.

File requests

Read more about Chorus workflow features

Chorus’s workflow module makes managing file requests quick and easy.

If someone wants to use your files, they put in a request telling you which files they want to use and what they want to do with them.

If you agree you can reply approve the requests - or not, if you don’t want to. Once you approve, the files get shared with them with the permissions you agreed.

You maintain complete control. You can remove files from the request or reject some permissions, and you can change your mind at any point afterwards and stop sharing the files.

Activity log

Read more about Chorus activity logs

Each space has a log recording what everyone has been up to. Every time a file is moved, edited, deleted, shared, the log records it and who did it. Uploads, downloads, new team-members - everything the team would need to know about the project.

An entry in the log can be annotated to provide context. This extremely useful for tracking where files are shared or downloaded. If a file needs to be recalled a note in the activity log will provide an audit trail.

The activity log is fully searchable by person, activity, time, date and notes. Once you’ve found the logs you need, you can download them all to a spreadsheet.


Read more about Chorus reporting and dashboards

Chorus keeps comprehensive usage data and has a powerful stats dashboard. We have chosen the most useful, simple-to-understand metrics and graph them, so you can keep on top of what is going on in your site—and each of your spaces.

Sessions, views, downloads are graphed by date for each space and you can get a list of most-downloaded files.

Shared links get the same treatment: graphs for sessions, views, downloads and most-downloaded. Plus, for private links, you can check which emails addresses have and haven’t viewed the link yet.

All the stats can be exported to a spreadsheet and you can receive a weekly report straight to your email inbox.