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Drive the creation of effective content - wherever you are. Chorus powers work-in-progress projects, even if you're working with people outside your company.

Comment and sign off: collaborate in Chorus

Review and sign off work in progress content


Organize and curate digital assets


Distribute and share marketing assets


Keep marketing content updated


There's no need for teams to change established workflows when each space can be configured to fit. From the first draft to sharing final assets, every stage of your creative workflows is supported - even for external contributors.

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The tools that make marketing workflows... flow

Review and discuss work in progress

Preview and feed back - fast

Drafts lined up for your input? View them high res in Chorus with no need for the original software, and leave comments or emoji next to each one. ✅

Centralize your project docs

Centralize your project docs

Whether it's for planning, presentations, sales or reference, your team has docs you all need to share. Project Sync puts them on everyone's desktops, tracking changes as they happen.

Central workspace for digtial marketing projects

Make places for projects

From libraries of finished resources to project folders for collaborative work in progress, Chorus spaces help you organize files, set permissions and track changes.

Digital asset management automation and AI tagging

Automate repetitive work

Need to organize assets by certain criteria while you work? Powerful, metadata-driven AI tagging continuously updates and sorts work-in-progress or finished media.

Sharing and publishing marketing content using digital asset management

Share your media

When the time comes to share assets with the wider world, Chorus's published links provide trackable, brandable and secure content libraries with set go-live dates.

Digital asset management revision control

Revise and refresh

The replace file feature lets you update your company's marketing assets quickly and easily while retaining the asset's original keywords, captions, existing links - and more.

Chorus supports the files you already work with...

Photoshop files PDF files Powerpoint files Excel files Word files

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Royal Albert Hall digital asset management case study

"Third Light ticked every box as far as we were concerned – it offered different access levels for different users, an API which worked with our new CMS, huge storage potential, smart search and simple file sharing amongst other great features."

Matt Griffin, Deputy Head of Marketing and Digital, Royal Albert Hall

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Frequently asked questions

Chorus is designed to make growth painless. We offer unlimited users on all of our packages from day one, so you can start using it as a DAM, then add modules and storage as use increases. We use Cloudflare to accelerate video content so you'll get a great experience. If you're managing your own server on-premises, we include a useful storage management tool for your IT team.

This is one of the best features of Chorus. It's designed so you can devolve management to anyone you wish. So for instance, your head of sales can manage their own space and may never even see other teams who are also sharing the same Chorus site. Instead of one large DAM, it's like every department can have a DAM of their own - but they still connect together when you want to share. Unless you really want, there's no need to put one person in charge of everything.

If your media comes with licensing requirements or you have model release forms, our file attachments feature keeps everything linked in one place. It's also ideal for GDPR compliance as you can show a complete audit trail using reporting tools built into Chorus.

What does it cost?

While nothing beats the full Chorus experience, we don’t want you to pay for something you don’t use. Add the tools you need to our core system, to suit your own way of working.

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See how hundreds of companies - including household names and global organizations - rely on Chorus to drive their creative marketing projects and publish their brand assets.

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