Training - IMS v6.0

Training is a simple and effective way to guarantee the success of your digital media library project.

Martin Cox, Third Light Training Manager

Receiving formal training for your Third Light software ensures your team has a full understanding of its capabilities, and the knowledge necessary to maintain the system. This page refers to training on Intelligent Media Server v6.0. If you are looking for training on Chorus, please see:

Our comprehensive training program encompasses important digital media workflow and 'digital asset management' (DAM) principles: defining your metadata structure, uploading, downloading and reformatting files and sharing them with others, as well as managing user permissions.

Who should attend?

Third Light training programmes are aimed at ensuring Administrators, Marcomms, and IT departments have considered long-term choices about storage and the layout of content for ease-of-use and management.

Training format

Third Light training consists of four sessions, delivered in sequence to encourage users to fully understand certain digital asset management processes and the corresponding Third Light library features and settings. Attendees are also given a training site to practise techniques away from their live site.

We use the popular online meeting software, GoToMeeting. A free meeting client is available from After agreeing your training dates, we will send each attendee an invitation by email. Recipients click a link to launch their online web session. Once the training session is in progress, each attendee will see the trainer's screen and will be able to talk directly with the trainer using a microphone connected to their computer, or a regular phone with a unique dial-in number.

DAM training module 1
Digital Asset Management training module 2
Training for Digital Asset Managers module 3
DAM software training 4

Module 1 – Structure

Understanding the process of Digital Asset Management (DAM) is important when starting to build your Third Light library structure. Managing and finding your files efficiently is integral to a successful DAM implementation. This module goes through the tools for setting up the folder structure in your Third Light database, and designing the metadata structure you need to ensure efficient and successful searches.


  • Creating Folders
  • Editing Folders
  • Folder permissions


  • What is metadata?
  • Metadata fields and panels


  • Folder browsing
  • General search
  • Advanced search
  • Smart Folders
  • Collections

Module 2 ‒ Content

Ensuring the correct methods and workflow are used when users upload assets into your Third Light library will provide the confidence that files contain the correct information and that proper usage is enforced. This module looks at the process of populating your new library; we will discuss and review the tools available to manage uploads and encourage correct tagging of files.


  • Bulk uploading multiple files and/or whole folders
  • Occasional uploads


  • Encourage or enforce metadata entry with uploads
  • Approval of uploaded files before they are added
  • Duplicate detection
  • Revision management
  • Usage rights

Module 3 – Collaboration

Once you have your assets in your Third Light library, being able to efficiently share these with internal and external users — such as external partner organizations or clients — saves time and money. This module explores the tools available as standard in your Third Light solution that have been designed to avoid reliance on third parties or expensive desktop software. This module also illustrates how sharing your library files can be achieved quickly and directly, avoiding common pitfalls.

Download tools

  • Reformatting files using predefined download presets
  • Reformatting/cropping at download
  • Saving changes as revisions
  • Terms and Conditions and watermarking features
  • Requiring approval before download
  • Audit trails
  • Publishing files to the web
  • Reusing an already-published file


  • Sharing files with other users, clients, and partners

User accounts

  • Public Galleries
  • Events
  • Sharing files as URLs, or via social media
  • Conversation (collaboration) features
  • Collecting file using the File Fetch mechanism
  • Dropbox integration

Module 4 – Administration

Using Third Light's user permissions and privileges will enable you to control which files each user or group can see in your site, and what features are available to those users. In this module we discuss the library settings and built-in tools available to help you easily manage your users and groups.

Permissions and controls

  • Users
  • Groups
  • Access: control which files users/groups can access
  • Metadata: control the metadata fields users/groups can access
  • Permissions: granular control over what users can do once logged in
  • Delegating administrative tasks
  • Recycle bins and protecting assets from changes or deletion

Library themes

  • Themes
  • Setting a logo-based theme

Enquire about training

Each of the four Third Light Training Modules take between 60-90 minutes and are for up to four people who will be administering your Third Light library. If you would like any further information about training for yourself or your colleagues, please contact our dedicated Training Manager, Martin Cox.

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