Long-Term Support

Third Light Intelligent Media Server (IMS) v6 benefits from Long-Term Support (LTS). This page explains what LTS means, and what to expect.

LTS is an extended period of support and maintenance for a product, designed to offer certainty and to help with forward planning.

Third Light IMS v6 is one of the most popular Digital Asset Management (DAM) products on the market, with a global user-base. We recognise and appreciate the high levels of satisfaction that this product has to offer; it's stable, rich in features and we know that it is just right for many companies. If that describes you, then Third Light is pleased to guarantee you can continue to use IMS v6 under LTS.

LTS gives you the reassurance you need that your system will be covered by technical support, updates and security patches.

When does LTS end?

Third Light IMS v6 will be covered by LTS until 1 July 2021.

During this time, IMS v6 receives full security coverage, patches and updates to maintain its functionality.

2 yrs

At the time of generating this page, 63% of LTS remains for IMS v6.

You can continue to apply software updates, as the software and services we provide will be maintained as usual.

We invite you to monitor the change log and follow the in-product software update prompts throughout the LTS period, and to stay in touch with us via your account manager and newsletters.

Beyond LTS

Well in advance of the end of the support period, the popular features you love in IMS v6 will be part of Chorus, our latest product offering with a modernised user interface and many ground-breaking new features. Chorus will also extend features and add many new modules which have never been offered in IMS v6. Third Light's development focus means we hope to offer you a product you will certainly want to adopt before LTS ends.

Migration tools will be provided to help you move from IMS v6 to Chorus conveniently. We also offer that at any time during the LTS period for V6, if you're an existing customer and you have a support and maintenance contract, you can try Chorus for free (and upgrading will not cost you more). Until you're completely comfortable, you don't have to upgrade. A long period of support means that you won't need to rush.

The team here at Third Light appreciates your trust. If you have any questions, as always please feel free to ask@thirdlight.com.