Customer Success team

Whether providing training, advice or support, the Third Light customer success team has one goal in mind: to help customers get exactly what they need from your Chorus site, while providing an amazing customer experience.

What we do

We know that once you’ve invested in Chorus, you’ll get the best possible return from early - and widespread - adoption by the people you want to use it.

We help this happen by working closely with you from the moment of subscription to explore the problems you’re looking to solve with Chorus. This allows us to anticipate the challenges you’re likely to face as you launch, implement and use your new media library - and provide solutions ahead of time.

And once you’re up and running, we’ll check in regularly, offering advice, best practice examples, ad-hoc demos and training top-ups to help keep you updated and on track.

Between us, the customer success team has more than 25 years’ experience of working with global organisations on software solutions - and we can’t wait to put it to use to help you on your own media library journey.


From the moment you decide to start working with Third Light, we’re by your side to help you make the most of your media library. Here are the stages you can expect after subscribing to Chorus:

  1. Setup. Once you've placed an order for a Chorus site with our business development representative, they'll send site details to your nominated key contact right away and arrange an invoice.
  2. First contact. Your representative will then invite the key contact to join them on a call with someone from the Customer Success team. Together, we'll discuss what you want to achieve with your Chorus site and the services you may need to ensure the success of your rollout plans, from training to technical assistance. We'll also talk you through your new site and confirm contact details - for your team members and ours.
  3. Getting more information. We'll then arrange the next call, in which our support and training specialists will work with the person or team managing the setup of your Chorus site to explore requirements in greater detail and explain how we can help you meet them.
  4. Checking in. Once your Chorus site is up and running, we’ll check back in to ensure rollout is going as planned. We’ve supported hundreds of customers on the same path and will use this experience to ensure everything goes smoothly for you. Beyond this, we’re only a call or email away.

If you’d prefer to work more closely with the Customer Success team, you can opt into our free Account Management Plus package. We’ll monitor adoption of your site throughout your subscription and get in touch to suggest other ways to help you utilise your media library. We love hearing how you’re making progress!

Meet the team

We are a small team of three specialists, with each member dedicated to helping you at a different stage of your digital media library journey:

Danny Smith - Head of Customer Success

Danny Smith – Head of Customer Success

Danny heads up the team, managing our relationship with customers from onboarding to billing and renewals.

When he’s not working on all things customer success, he can be found doing something football related, on his PlayStation or engrossed in the Marvel universe.

Marco Michelutto - Product Specialist

Marco Michelutto – Product Specialist

If you have a Chorus question, Marco’s your go-to! His extensive knowledge of our existing customers’ differing site structures will help you shape your own to a tee. He communicates users’ feedback to the development team so we can continue to refine and innovate the solutions we offer.

Hailing from a beautiful part of Italy right next to the Alps, he’s a Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master, creating amazing stories for other players.

Guy Johnson - Training Manager

Guy Johnson – Training Manager

Guy joined Third Light from Spotify with some big ideas that are transforming the training we offer. Whether it’s delivering remote and on-site sessions, creating our e-Learning programs or hosting our webinars, Guy works with Danny and Marco to identify customers’ requirements and create the solution they need to excel when using Chorus.

He is a big supporter of charities and good causes, and a keen road cyclist.

Abdi Ibrahim - Customer Success Associate

Abdi Ibrahim – Customer Success Associate

The newest member of the team, Abdi provides support to our Chorus customers wherever it's required - solving problems, finding solutions and helping you get where you need to go.

A huge football fan, he's also passionate about social enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Ella (Dog) - Chief Morale Officer

Ella – Chief Morale Officer

Seconded from senior management to assist the Customer Success team, Ella keeps team morale high. She is motivated entirely by food treats and can usually be found waiting for a belly rub.