ChorusChorus PlusChorus on Amazon EC21Data Center Edition
Base Price£4999/year£7999/year£4999/year£14999
(single payment)
Server location Third Light Europe (London) Third Light Europe (London) East or West Coast USA, or Sydney Australia Your own data center or cloud provider
Storage quota 1000GB 2500GB 1000GB Your own storage or cloud service
Additional 1000GB storage £1575/year £1050/year £2100/year Limited only by available disk
Access to upgrades and security updates Year 1 included, then £3000/year
All data backed-up off site and replicated Live replication license included
Authentication Module (LDAP, SAML2) £785/year £785/year £785/year
Enhanced Performance Module2 £785/year Limited only by CPU and RAM available
API Module and Development Instance £525/year £525/year £525/year
Workflow Module3 £525/year £525/year £525/year
Google Vision - AI tagging4 £525/year £525/year £525/year £525/year if accessible via public URL
Mobile app. - free for all users
Telephone support £525/year £525/year
Setup assistance (remote hands) £500
4 x Training workshops with consultation £825 £825 £825 £825
Backup your content to an external hard drive and ship to you £220 + costs £220 + costs £220 + costs N/A
Discount for 2-year subscriptions 5% 5% 5% 5% (maintenance and modules)
Discount for 3-year subscriptions 10% 10% 10% 10% (maintenance and modules)
Discount for 501(c)(3) or similar 5% 5% 5%