Chorus is a digital media library that mirrors the way you work, and is perfect for remote working.

Our latest generation of media library software is designed with departments in mind, to help your whole organization manage and share digital content, no matter where they are.

Just £4999 per year, fully hosted with 1TB storage

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Work smarter with spaces

Serving as virtual homes for departments and project teams, Chorus's spaces are configured to mirror the way you work.

Streamline processes

When tailored to suit their users' requirements, spaces will help your team automate and simplify everyday tasks. Upload, download, search, tag and share – for faster, easier content management.

Simple to use

They're intuitive to get around and loaded with intelligent tools. Enhance storage, sharing and collaboration – within your organization and beyond.

Share responsibility

Spaces can have different administrators; they can remain separate or connect to other spaces.

Navigate and collaborate with ease

Chorus is designed to help all your colleagues – and any suppliers, customers and partners – do their very best work, regardless of role or physical location.

Use on any device

Branded with your colours and logo for instant recognition wherever it's used, the system works on Windows and macOS, as well as iPad. Our free mobile app for Android and iOS allow users to upload geotagged images and videos almost instantly.

Move around easily

Browsing is frictionless and intuitive, with familiar user features. Scroll infinitely through results: double-click to select, view two folders side-by-side and drag and drop files between them using the split pane view.

Enjoy smart assistance

Helpful metadata filters are automatically suggested for you. Spend less time on common tasks such as uploading, batch editing and downloading files.

Boost your brand

Chorus allows you to make consistent, high-quality content available to your target audience to browse, search and download quickly and securely, via a branded portal.

Share key assets

Email links to whole libraries, folders and files, using carefully themed templates. They’re not just on-brand, but also designed to handle large downloads and heavy user traffic.

Share securely

Using a unique security system, emailed links to your branded portal can be locked to individuals to prevent re-sharing – but without the need for a password to sign in. These links can be embargoed or expired, watermarked and protected from forwarding.

Empower your teams

Chorus is configurable to mirror the way your teams, projects or departments are structured. Give users the autonomy to control their own spaces while keeping important files safe and secure.

Control access, grant freedom

Make your spaces as open or locked as you need them to be – once added, every user is automatically assigned the correct access.

Organize permissions for your team

Set site, folder, user and other organizational permissions for added security. Users can hold different roles in multiple spaces.

All your files, in one place

Chorus has the ability to store and preview far more than just photos. It supports a wide range of file formats, including many proprietary or complex file types.

Manage video and audio

There's no need for heavyweight studio software when Chorus makes quick work of managing video and audio files. Upload, watch and listen – then publish or share lightweight links.

Include documents and presentations

Chorus is your central storage space for everything. Store and organize your PDFs, Office documents and other non-visual files.

Effortless workflows

Making your media easy to use and access doesn't mean losing control. Keep all the right people involved in decisions and approvals via the fully configurable workflow dashboard.

Stay in control

All requests are brought together in the dashboard, which drives quick, effective hand-off between users and managers.

Approve uploads and downloads

Set Chorus to check with approvers before releasing or accepting files.

Find your files, fast

Controlled vocabularies, dropdown lists, visual labels – whichever way you choose to add information to a file in Chorus, its value to your users becomes supercharged.

Reduce workload with AI tagging

Tag files in bulk, quickly. Chorus harnesses artificial intelligence to tag thousands of your images almost instantly. Add your own metadata to a folder, and that information will automatically cascade into its contents (and any files uploaded in the future).

Customize your file information

No more one-size-fits-all tagging. A file can be tagged differently to suit the differing needs of multiple departments, with zero interference.

Customize and integrate with metadata

Downloaded files come with readable IPTC and Adobe XMP metadata embedded. You can also import and export metadata using spreadsheets.

A system you can rely on

Flexible, secure and affordable – we can supply as much storage as you need. Alternatively, host your library on your own network or in a public cloud.

Continuous protection

Wherever you choose to store your files, you get the same Chorus: securely encrypted and regularly updated. Don't take our word for it, the system is regularly penetration-tested by an external security assessor as well as meeting other strict security standards.

A modern, robust system

Chorus has been tested and updated consistently since 2017. We roll out updates for security and functionality every quarter. Chorus is also API-first with 100% coverage.

Behind-the-scenes support

We offer your IT team the tools they need for authentication, system admin, storage management, backup and replication as standard. We use end-to-end HTTPS encryption to keep your data safe, and take care of information security standards for you.

You’re supported all the way

With 20 years’ combined experience, our award-winning Customer Success team is here to help your teams get the best out of Chorus – from the moment you start using it.

Quick set up

Send us your existing files on a hard drive (we’ll supply one). We’ll set them up on your Chorus server and you’ll be good to go!

Training for your teams

Induction training makes sure your teams can start using it right away. After that, extra training and regular webinars help everyone maintain and expand their knowledge.

Dedicated to your success

Once you’re up and running, our Customer Success team are there to offer help whenever you need it. We can also provide personalized training and consultancy.

What our clients are saying

  • "As we've grown to over one million assets, I can confidently tell you that the queries are incredibly fast, responsive, and accurate."

    Eric Newsome, Historic Images
  • "The Third Light media server is a great product. It's easy to use and has plenty of powerful customisable features."

    Warren Singer, Director, Cambridge Technical Communicators Ltd.
  • "The software has proved to be flexible and robust, and has transformed the way we use our valuable digital media files."

    Stuart Ford, Veolia Water Australia
  • "Our graphics designers can access the library directly from their desktops, and it provides full support for our Diversity and Inclusiveness metadata, too."

    Mashuk Reza, Web Officer, Ofqual
  • "The system's capabilities are second to none in terms of data management, security, ease of uploading, tracking downloads and allocating permissions to different levels of users."

    Tim Lumsdaine, Morph Creative

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Key product features

Built for teams, featuring all the right tools and concepts to mirror the way you work
Designed for desktop and mobile devices - Chorus works with iPads using swipe, drag-and-drop and other features
Totally modernized user interface technology and feel, for a great first impression
Custom themes and branding, site-wide or per Space
Fresh and productive navigation experience, including list views, split panes and more
Fast, efficient and simple to learn: Chorus is crafted around real working practices, designed by UX experts who interviewed many real users to create the perfect solution
Workflow features - easily add approval loops, capture notes and pass work to managers for approval
Custom brand portals (publishing files and collections directly to a web page)
Free mobile companion apps for Android and iOSApple App Store BadgeGoogle Play Store Badge
Mature support for metadata standards such as IPTC, Exif and XMP
Native color profile support, including ProPhoto wide gamut support suitable for high-end graphics workstations
Machine Learning (AI) tagging with Google Cloud Vision or Imagga to save time
Integrates directly with your Content Management System (CMS) - eg. WordPress, Drupal or others
Easily organize derivatives of existing files (for example, a JPEG variant of a PSD file) along side your uploaded files - and they update automatically if the original file is updated!
Fast, visual search features you can click through quickly on search suggestions, save your search as a Smart Collection or make batch edits
Privacy features: terms and conditions, attachments and consent forms, data retention policies - ready-made for GDPR regulations
A choice of hosting options - Third Light's private cloud in Europe, or worldwide Amazon cloud regions
PCI DSS and Cyber Essentials Plus certified information security standards, plus regular external penetration testing
100% HTTPS with strong password features
Built for serious professional users with flexible IT integration features like SAML2, LDAP, OpenID and a rich gRPC (Swagger) REST API
Award-winning after sales support, provided by our Customer Success team and incredible technical support team.
Free migration of your existing content from hard drive, or from

Looking for more details?

This page covers the Solution of the Third Light library, but we also offer other media library solutions. You can compare editions, or view Chorus, our next-generation digital medial library solution. If you need us, please [email protected] for help.

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