WordPress Image Library Plugin

If you're looking for a way to add an image library to your WordPress site, why not try our free Third Light plugin for the popular WordPress content management system?

WordPress Image Library Plug-In

WordPress, the popular content management system, has a number of useful sets of tools to help produce content - but these tools do have some limitations, which can make managing images difficult, especially so when working with a team. Now you can use images directly from a feature-rich digital asset management system inside your WordPress CMS. If you have a Third Light IMS server, we can make WordPress significantly more powerful!

Third Light's WordPress plug-in lets you insert images from a Third Light IMS server directly into the WordPress Editor; important features like search and resizing are built into the process so you can take advantage of the power of IMS, without leaving WordPress at any stage.

  • Choose images directly within WordPress
  • Attractive and easy to use user interface
  • Crop, resize and zoom to get just the part of the image you need to see in your WordPress article
  • Fully integrated as a WordPress plug-in: easy to install and configure
  • Designed and built to make full use of Third Light's DAM solution, eg. user authentication.

Video Overview of the WordPress Image Library Plug-In

You can configure the module with set image formats and sizes, so whatever the source image type you can ensure it will fit in to your site content exactly as required. Combining this with simple cropping and editing tools means that the WordPress plug-in lets you easily fine-tune what the image is going to look like without having to edit it in third party software.

This powerful feature is available for free in the latest version of IMS, and the plugin is open source.

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