Working With Movies: The Video Editing Module

Storing and managing video assets or movie files is very different from managing images and brand assets. With high-quality video extraction tools, Third Light's Video Editing Module addresses the specific challenges of video asset management, without needing any special software on your workstation.

If you work in a marketing or post-production team, you may need to use video content - but you have probably already discovered that video editing software is complicated to use, even for relatively simple tasks. We would like to make these tasks much simpler for you.

Extracting the action from a ski video

Let's imagine that you have a high-quality HD video recording of a skier turning down a pristine mountain. With just one take possible, the cameraman has captured a little bit more content than required. There is a period of filming before the skier passes into the frame, and then after the action there is a period of dead time where nothing happens.

Your objective is to extract just the part of the video where there is interest, and remove the rest. How does Third Light IMS solve this challenge? Our solution uses the Video Editing Module, and takes place entirely within your web browser.

Making the clip

Opening the video editor in Third Light provides a timeline of frames and standard video play buttons, as well as other controls. The video can be easily viewed frame by frame at any speed, simply by dragging the white play head with your mouse.

There are yellow brackets [ and ] on the left and right. These can be dragged using your mouse to choose just the interesting part of the video. In the screenshot, below, the brackets enclose the part of the video where the skier is visible in the shot. Clicking "New Clip" isolates the action, and you're done!

Video asset management using the clip viewer

Downloading compatible videos

Third Light IMS lets you specify what kind of files can be downloaded. For example, it's easy to get a MOV file for Mac users and a WMV file for Windows users (the original can be in any format). In the example below, the skiing video is being prepared as an MPEG4 download for all devices.

Video transcoding MPEG4, WMV, MOV

Collecting the download

Downloading the skiing action clip is very simple. Click on the clip to set the process in motion, and the video is then transferred as a download. Alternatively, it can be published to a URL (for example, as a way of sharing it inside another web site).

Video asset management and reusing video content at download

The finished results...

If you would be interested in seeing the final results of this example, here is the video clip that IMS created. The file linked here is an MPEG4 video clip where the skier is in shot (no login required):

What does it cost?

The Video Editing Module costs £300 per year. It is available on Third Light Premium and Third Light Enterprise Editions. If you already have a Third Light IMS site and you would like to evaluate the Video Editing Module, please get in touch and we will arrange for your evaluation.

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