Expansion at Third Light signals ongoing commitment to customer support and product development

As the team at Third Light heads towards the end of another successful year, there are no signs of business slowing down. Following several recruits in the Summer to boost the sales and marketing department, the most recent members of the team have been brought on board to further enhance customer support and drive continued improvements in its product offering.

Transitioning customers to Chorus

Chorus is Third Light’s new digital media library, which was showcased at the recent Technology for Marketing show in London and it’s proving to be incredibly popular since its launch earlier this year. Having been built with customers at the very heart of its design, it’s perfect for centralising and managing all types of digital content including photos, graphics, powerpoint, pitch decks, pdfs, whitepapers, webinars, promo videos and all other digital media.

Everyone can benefit from using Chorus. Instead of wasting hours trying to find files on disconnected networks, intranets and local hard drives, users can easily and quickly search and find what they need, which means that employees can actually spend the time doing what they were employed to do.

Marco Michelutto is product specialist at Third Light, and in his first week, he tells us what his priorities are now that he’s joined the team:

"Chorus is an incredibly intuitive and beautiful product and I have no doubt that customers will be really keen to migrate from their existing media libraries very soon. I’m here to make sure that their transition is as smooth as it possibly can be, understanding their needs at every stage. I’m here to listen to our customers so that we know what they really want, working closely with developers and designers to make sure we’re optimising the right things."

Marco comes to Third Light with a wealth of experience in customer support, having spent years learning how best to talk to customers, understand their problems and find the effective solutions. He continues:

"I’m so impressed at how simple to use yet powerful Chorus is. I created a trial site before applying for the job and I instantly knew I wanted to be involved. I was also impressed by the company’s ethical standards and the friendliness of all the people here, who made me feel at home right away."

Back-end development for the long term

Also joining the team is Nicola Aitken, who will be focusing on back-end development. Back-end development covers all the programming that makes software work - as opposed to the front-end development which makes software look pretty - so it’s crucial that this is done well if all the features and functions of Chorus are going to run effectively.

Nicola says:

"My focus here will be to develop new features and improve the performance of existing ones. I love the fact that the people here are passionate about creating a product that customers can rely on long term – that’s really important to me."

Third Light is a finalist in the Best Online Customer Experience category of the Engage Awards 2018. The awards recognize organisational excellence and achievements within the customer engagement market. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on Monday 12th November, in London.

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