Sixt drives productivity with Chorus and CMS integration

Sixt is the world’s largest mobility fleet with more than 250,000 cars in over 105 countries. It generates revenues of more than 2.6 billion Euros making it one of the largest integrated mobility providers. By constantly challenging the status quo and with the drive to get things done, the worldwide Sixt family is working towards a future in which people around the globe have access to safe, efficient and comfortable mobility. With ease, simplicity and accessibility at the heart of their vision, Francesco Ricci, SEO Manager Franchise, tells us how these values have extended to their working practices too.

Digital media library for Sixt

Mobility of media - addressing the issue

In a business as large as Sixt, managing brand assets, especially promotional media, can be incredibly problematic. Before discovering Chorus, Third Light’s digital asset management solution, Sixt had no central media asset database which meant they had no way to tag media and, as a result, no easy way to find it either. There was no automated way to search for the right image, graphic or video, and as files were stored in various locations, the manual effort involved would often take a long time.

Francesco adds:

"Our landing pages are composed of different image elements like headers, icons, sliders, and slideshows. Each one has different requirements and cropping every image to the required size took lot of time and human effort. We also work with influencers who give us promotional media from the trips and holidays we help them to organize, using our rental cars. They had to send us the content manually via WeTransfer or similar services, because there was no standard process or channel for them to do this."

Digital assets and social influencers

Chorus addressed many of the issues Sixt were experiencing. As well as the media library software being incredibly feature-rich, it specifically allows the user to pre-set image and graphic formats and sizes, saving huge amounts of time and effort when sourcing image elements for the website. It also provides easy, automated upload of images and other media from any device and any location, making light work of image transfer for the influencers working with Sixt.

Ease, simplicity and accessibility

Sixt found that as a cloud-based solution, Chorus was really easy to access and really easy to start working with – just a simple registration and you’re ready to go. Being cloud-based also removes the overhead of managing complex and expensive infrastructure, with less downtime as a result. The responsibility of having backup systems sits with Third Light too, which is more cost-effective in terms of personnel and hardware.

Francesco continues:

"As of now, the whole SEO and Editorial team is using Chorus. We’re also starting to include the social media team for influencer collaborations. Later on, we’d like to push other online channels to use Chorus as their main asset library too. We now have an asset library that allows us to freely tag images as we like; we can search them based on those very custom tags; and, last but not least, we can easily download several assets at the same time in the right format thanks to the custom pre-sets. We’re also running some tests now so that external influencers can access our database in a safe, separate space where they can upload media directly to our library."

CMS integration

Sixt’s requirements included a piece of integration work with Chorus and their Typo3 CMS, a popular website content management system used in Germany. The integration, using the Third Light browser, allows them to skip several steps that would otherwise have required manual effort. Instead of manually accessing the media library, downloading the images and uploading them to the CMS, the team can now search, select, resize and upload assets directly from the CMS itself.

Typo3 content management system

Francesco concludes:

"The integration will clearly save the team a lot of time and manual effort and have a very positive impact on productivity. There are so many useful features in Chorus, and the one that really sold it for me was the custom download pre-sets which will save us so much time and effort. The system is just so easy to use and I’ve never had to deeply onboard new team mates – I usually just show them the basics and they can figure out the rest themselves.

We’ve found the team at Third Light very helpful and it was great that they were excited to have us on board. Of the times I’ve needed to contact the support team, I’ve always had a very fast, clear response too."

Chorus is the digital asset management solution of choice for many brands and organizations around the world who need to capture and tell numerous stories at once. It doesn't just control and centralize your valuable media – it also gives your teams the smart tools to turn it into a steady flow of content, too.

If you'd like to find out more about how we can help you tell your story, we're looking forward to learning more about your needs and showing you the smart solutions Chorus offers – get in touch for a chat or a live demo.

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