Repurposing And Resizing Digital Content

Using Third Light's Intelligent Media Server - the Digital Asset Management (DAM) software solution from Third Light - you can quickly store, track, search, share and retrieve your brand and media assets.

One Central Storage Location

IMS stores all of your media in one central repository. This allows you to avoid silo stores of assets, instead keeping them all together, and to grant users or whole groups of users access to files as necessary. Not only does this mean that you can avoid wasting time searching for files in different locations but it also means you'll know that they are all efficiently backed-up and catalogued, searchable and traceable. IMS even searches for and eliminates duplicates.

IMS can be accessed from any web browser, meaning that if your organisation operates across multiple sites, everyone can have immediate access to your library. Wherever you are in the world, if you can get online, you can access your assets.

Secure Shared Access

Users are only able to access and view those files to which you have granted them access. IMS offers different options in terms of how you are able to manage these access rights, so that the service can be tailored to your organisation. Departmental groups or brand teams can easily be created, with control over just their part of the system for example.

Logins to IMS can be encrypted using SSL technology or, if required, the entire site can run on a secure (HTTPS) web server. IMS allows you to require your users to change their passwords regularly and to set minimum levels for password quality, or integrate with Active Directory and OpenID. This process is fully PCI DSS compliant to make IMS a secure addition to your existing computer systems.

Fast and Controlled Retrieval of Assets

While retrieving assets from an Intelligent Media Server you can re-size, re-format and crop files. It is often useful to resize images according to the intended use and it may also shorten the time it takes to download. Other formats such as video, InDesign, Illustrator and Office documents are also supported, and the download process can be automated by pre-defining format settings for single-click selection of popular publishing formats (web banner, press ad, presentation etc.)

Use of predefined formats can make downloading both faster and more efficient by helping ensure files are delivered in the right format for the target media.

User Access Controls

The download process is highly configurable, enabling you to assign various options ad create a productive, creative workflow.

There are a wide range of options to tailor the download process, including watermarking, embedding metadata and requiring the acceptance of Terms and Conditions. Many of these options can be applied to Users so that different types of role within your organisation can be given appropriate capabilities to download content. Users can be given access to all of the download tools, or to selected tools only. You can also limit the options available when using a download tool.

You can specify that a user must gain approval before files can be downloaded and you can specify who should approve. Workflow support is provided with a system of automatic online alerts and emails keeping downloaders and approvers informed about the progress of each download request.

Digital Workflow Hints and Tips