Marketing in the COVID-19 era: the results are in

Now we’re almost at the lockdown finish line (we hope, at least), what unfolds over the months - and possibly years - to come is just as hard to predict as the first half of 2020 was back in January. And while we’ve got to grips with mask etiquette and learned what the word ‘furlough’ actually means, the biggest thing we know for sure is that no one has had the same experience.

Having heard so many different accounts from our own customers, we at Third Light joined forces with The Marketing Meetup group and fellow marketing industry company ContentCal on a survey of 536 marketers of a range of roles, sectors and seniorities – to take the wider temperature of the feelings, experiences and outlooks in our sector.

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The report gathers personal perspectives, strategic thoughts and key industry insights from an unprecedented social and economic situation showing little sign of disappearing any time soon. Viewed as a whole, the picture painted is of cautious optimism and an openness to new ways of working – and thinking.

So far, so good…

While the furlough scheme has allowed many businesses a period of grace before tougher decisions have to be made, almost half (48.7%) our respondents expressed optimism about the situation. And when it comes to keeping the marketing engine running remotely, three-quarters (75.6%) said they thought they were adjusting well to the new working conditions.

Investing, not cutting

Only 20.% said they were reducing their spending – in fact, more (32.5%) are planning on increasing budgets and the rest planning on keeping it the same. Approaches are being adjusted to the new life patterns of their audiences: as people find themselves at home way more than normal, marketers have shifted focus to the extra content they’ll consume there. Half our respondents (51%) have increased content production over the last three months.

New tools, ways of working and collaboration

Fifty-five per cent said they saw remote working continuing past COVID-19. Their confidence to do so could well come from a new familiarity with the digital tools hurriedly introduced as lockdown was announced - 58.4% said they’d be keeping them beyond this period. The most popular with our respondents were marketing automation platforms, such as HubSpot, and systems for collaboration, such as Trello or Slack.

Want to read more?

For even more insights, you can download the full report here. And if you’d like to know more about Chorus, the digital asset management solution that transforms how marketing and creative teams create and share content – wherever they are – just [email protected]

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