IMS v6.1.6 update introduces important updates

Stay updated with the latest patches and upgrades - available from the Configuration > Software Updates menu. Here's a breakdown of our latest update, available in March 2015. As with all Third Light updates we recommend applying this to your server promptly.

The IMS v6.1.6 release contains the following new features:

  • API: Extends Users.SetAuthMode() to allow migrating a user to SAML authentication.
  • Authentication: Updates user details during SAML single sign on logins.
  • Authentication: Adds a new SAML debug mode option for getting details of SAML authentication errors.
  • File Server Module: Reduces latency in File Server Module requests.
  • Metadata: Adds the ability to import and export GPS data using the metadata spreadsheet tools.
  • Plugins: New Sharepoint plugin, allowing easy integration between an IMS instance and a Sharepoint site.
  • Uploads - iOS: Updates the iOS Uploader to include bug fixes and UI fixes for iOS 8.
  • Uploads - Mac: New version of the Mac Uploader - improves stability, supports UTF8 filename characters, improved transfer efficiency and improved error messages.

It also contains a number of improvements and bug fixes:

  • Authentication: Fixes an error during SAML single sign on.
  • Core Graphics: Improves support for certain types of corruption in JPG files.
  • Core Templates: Improves the confirmation message when resetting a user's password.
  • Core Templates: Adds a missing confirmation dialog when deleting folders from the home page.
  • Core Templates: Increases efficiency in display of large folder trees.
  • Downloads: Allows generic files and MS Office documents to be published.
  • Duplicates: Improves error handling during processing of Similar Images.
  • FTP: Fixes a bug that caused the Outbound FTP module to re-issue previous file transfers.
  • History Notes: Fixes the History Note widget for users browsing an Event.
  • Search: Fixes a caching bug that affected searches performed over the API.
  • Translations: Fixes a translation string error.

Tip: You can view changes made in IMS releases at any time by referring to our Change Log, which is online here: We always recommend updating your IMS software when a new release is made available, as this will help keep your server performing effectively and avoid known issues. It's also important for security reasons that you apply patches made available (but don't worry, if you are using a server hosted by Third Light we always apply security updates for you).

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