How training builds foundations and offers the best start for your team

Third Light's media library solution is powerful and sophisticated, and allows users to store and manage a huge number of digital assets in one central location, transforming the way they manage, store, deliver and share media. Like most multi-functional, configurable business systems, training is the key to ensuring that each system is set up to reflect the needs of the business and the users as effectively as possible, right from the start. We talked to Martin Cox, Third Light's Senior Training Manager, to get the answers to some frequently asked questions about training.

Q: Do users normally need training to use Third Light?

A: Third Light is a very intuitive product for everyday users and is exceptionally easy to use when performing everyday tasks like upload, download, share and tag. Our training however, is aimed at the administrators who would be responsible for setting up the software to ensure their team have an efficient user experience. Administrators would be responsible for folder structures, folder access, pre-set download formats, custom metadata options, setting permissions and regular system maintenance. All these areas are covered in the training.

"Training is aimed at the administrators who would be responsible for setting up the software to ensure their team have an efficient user experience."

Q: What do you normally cover in the training?

A: As with all business systems there are some extremely useful features that need a more thorough explanation of how to use them, supported by examples, to make sure that they're being used in the right way. Collections and smart folders are really good, useful features that can save a lot of time and energy, so users can really benefit from being shown the best way to set these up and use them efficiently. The contents of the training modules can be found here.

Q: Is every training course exactly the same?

A: Each training course is customised for each customer after researching their business. Doing this means we can come up with specific examples using the product's features. This ensures the best foundations for setting up a solid and robust system right from the start. In this way the training sessions also serve as an essential step in site setup, where the admins can discuss and agree preferred ways of working, folder structures, metadata options and pre-set formats.

Martin Cox, Training Manager

Q: What happens if customers decide not to take training?

A: This is fine, and we offer as much support as we can, but we do always ask people to consider the value of the time they could potentially save by getting things right from the start. Having said that, it's never too late. If customers see functions that simply aren't being used and they're not sure why, we can step in and deliver the necessary training for that at any time.

Q: So training isn't just for new customers?

A: No, training is not just for new customers. It's very common for long-term customers to have staff changes, and lose the skill sets they had, so naturally they need to train new staff members to manage the system effectively. Sometimes it's a while before the team realise they should or could be using the system more effectively, and we're always here to show them how. Refresher training can be a great way to get teams using Third Light efficiently again. It's always great to work with companies to help them find those forgotten time saving features.

Q: Do your customers worry about the time commitment needed for training?

A: Yes of course they do, but our training is delivered in four bite-sized chunks so it has minimal impact on time, and maximum impact on effectiveness. Each module is 60-90 minutes, as we find people learn and retain the information best in this format. Users can also go away and try what they've learnt in each module without being overloaded with new information, and then ask questions in the following session. Because we deliver the training in 4 modules, usually online, we can be more flexible with timings and delivery too.

"Training is delivered in four bite-sized chunks so it has minimal impact on time, and maximum impact on effectiveness."

Q: Can you deliver the training onsite if needed?

A: Yes of course we can. We've delivered training onsite for companies such as NASCAR, Alpinestars and ITV, and it's a great opportunity to get to know the teams on a more personal level.

Q: What other support materials are available and how do users access them?

A: We have:

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