Free Third Light training webinar - 24 February

On Wednesday 24 February, we are holding a 60-minute webinar to take you through the processes and features for managing and sharing your files in Third Light. We will be showing the features that let you share and collaborate with internal and external users, and walk you through the tools that allow you to control what goes in – and what is allowed out – of your media library.

Third Light training

This webinar will show the processes involved from multiple perspectives. For example, will see how files can be uploaded and tagged, and then selected assets shared with designers.

This session is on Wednesday, February 24 at 16:00 GMT. To sign up simply fill in your details using our GoToWebinar registration page. As in the past, there is no charge and no limit on numbers.

Register for the webinar

San Francisco08:00
New York11:00

Who should attend?

  • Existing Third Light administrators who would like to review settings and options
  • New members of teams using Third Light who would like help getting started
  • Evaluators considering Third Light to storing or manage a media library

Have an idea for a training session?

If there are aspects of the Third Light software you would like to know more about, and you think that other customers would benefit too, we expect to be able to accommodate extra sessions. Please contact Martin Cox at [email protected] and we can look at scheduling a future webinar that would be perfect for you.

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