Free Training: 25 September 2014

We offer a free web-based training session once a month which is open to all Third Light customers. Each session lasts around 90 minutes. If new staff have joined your company and you'd like them to be familiar with Third Light IMS, why not let us help you out? Here is our next session.

Digital asset management training Our trainer will take you on a 360° tour around the features of an Intelligent Media Server, based on an example business. We look at the structure of the example site (folders, metadata, users and groups) and at the project life-cycle from photo-shoot through media creation, review, approval, publishing and advertising and on to reproduction and reuse in subsequent projects.

The session is informal so you can ask any questions you like, and, because the webinar is open to all our customers, you will hear questions from other businesses which can be an interesting insight into a different way of working with your digital media.

Simply register your interest by clicking the registration link. We look forward to meeting you at the webinar.

Thursday 25 September - Europe/North America

Registration link

San Francisco08:00
New York11:00

Registration link for 25 September

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