See Drupal and Third Light in action

Connecting your Drupal CMS with a full digital asset management solution is easy (and free) with Third Light IMS.

Drupal is a popular content management system, but managing photos can be difficult and inflexible out of the box. Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage photos using a feature-rich digital asset management system, but inside your Drupal CMS?

Third Light’s Drupal plugin lets you insert images from a Third Light IMS server directly from the Drupal CK Editor, with important features like search or resizing built into the process so you don’t need to leave Drupal at any stage.

You can configure the module with set image formats and sizes, so whatever the source image type you can ensure it will fit in to your site content exactly as required. Combining this with simple cropping or editing tools means Third Light’s plugin lets you easily fine-tune what the image is going to look like without having to edit it in third party software.

This powerful feature is available for free in the latest version of IMS, and the plugin is open source. For more information on Third Light Intelligent Media Server, or take a free trial today.

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