Downloads and Sharing web training on 25 February

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Carrying on with our very popular web training sessions, this month Martin is going to go through downloading and publishing in Third Light IMS. Sign up for free to attend - it's a completely free 45 - 60 minute session packed with useful ideas.

This is the latest in our 'deep dive' training, where we focus on a particular area rather than the more general training format. In this session, we'll be showing you the tools and methods IMS offers to save time getting files where they're needed. The download features are all about efficiently sharing your assets in the required size and format with both internal and external users. Have you wondered how to share and fully collaborate on assets for a project? Come along and find out more - we'll show you the Lightbox feature in full swing, too!

This session is on Wednesday February 25nd at 16:00 GMT. To sign up simply fill in your details using our GoToWebinar registration page. There is no charge and no limit on numbers.

San Francisco08:00
New York11:00

It's completely free, so register now!

Have an idea for a training session?

If there are aspects of the Third Light software you would like to know more about, and you think that other customers would benefit too, we expect to be able to accommodate extra sessions. Please contact Martin Cox at [email protected] and we can look at scheduling a future webinar that would be perfect for you.

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