DAM Europe 2012: London, 25 - 26 June

The 2012 DAM Europe conference took place on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 June, atLe Meridien Hotel, Piccadily, London W1.

DAM Europe 2012

The conference program highlights important issues including how to get the best out of your DAM solution and the latest developments in DAM – from the challenges of digital workflow to monetising assets in new and innovative ways. There are still places for those who would like to speak as well as attend – details below. A host of interesting speakers from well known organisations are taking part including the BBC, ITN, the British Library and several leading agencies.

Third Light will be attending and will be happy to meet and chat with you there. If you would like to register, you can also receive a £100 discount using the code: THIRDLIGHT100.

The organisers are working hard to make this event from a DAM user perspective rather than a platform for vendors. The programme, including case studies and workshops, is as follows:

  • Getting More out of DAM: The Latest Technologies and What is Possible Now DAM and its Future for Broadcast, Publishing, Media and Entertainment: An “eye to the enterprise” executive roundtable
  • The role of digital assets in securing and enhancing Customer Loyalty - workflows, insights and measuring
  • Rights Management and Digital Assets - Integrating Two Worlds
  • Vendors & System Integrators Working closely and successfully– making everyone a winner
  • Social Media and Digital Assets – managing the unmanageable
  • Selecting the Best DAM for you: Who’s in the Market, and How to Find Your Perfect Match
  • Brand Strategy and Digital Asset Management – how DAM supports brand management and loyalty.
  • Integrated Marketing Management The intersection of DAM with other Technologies – with SAP, Oracle and other ERP Systems, as well as other Collaboration Tools
  • Procurement and Implementation Process - lessons learned
  • iPad /Tablet - how they have Changed our DAM Consumption
  • Taxonomy, Metadata and Search - Ongoing Developments
  • Business Case for DAM - building the case
  • Leading Your DAM Operation - Round Table Workshop
  • Adapting DAM to Everyday Working Life - Practical Problems and Everyday Challenges - Round Table Workshop Building blocks that make successful integration of DAM into your organization possible.
  • Distribution, Protection and Monetisation of Digital Content: The ecosystem around securing and enabling the supply chain.
  • Predicting the Future - Meeting the Developing Needs of DAM Users - difficult but always fun!

Share your experiences - if you are interested in sharing experiences with your peers at this event let the organisers know: Email [email protected] with your ideas.

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