Cascading Folder Metadata

Most digital media libraries use folders to categorise broad subject areas. Wouldn't it be convenient if the structure of those folders also set metadata on the files, automatically?

Entering metadata can be labour-intensive. If it were not such a valuable, essential part of making content searchable, it would be hard to justify. This is one of the most important areas of research here at Third Light - we want to make metadata painless!

Third Light IMS has a sophisticated metadata engine, and many of the user interfaces (and metadata models and workflows) in our software are designed to make tagging a streamlined process. Our latest addition is aimed at anyone whose main library folder structure represents a form of categorisation; it may cut days or weeks off your metadata projects.

Starting in IMS v6.0.16 (released in December 2013) we have added the concept of cascading folder metadata. This feature works as follows:

  • Each folder in your site may have metadata attached to it
  • When a folder has metadata, this is inherited by all files placed within that folder
  • When folders are placed within folders, the entire hierarchy of metadata is inherited (we call this cascading)

An important aspect of this behaviour is that it instantly rearranges your metadata if a file is moved from one folder to another. It also works on all fields (captions, keywords, custom fields, taxonomies, drop-downs and so on) and integrates with all of the workflows in IMS, such as upload approvals.

To help explain how this feature works, we've provided a short example video. If you've been using Third Light for a while, simply upgrade to the latest version of our software and then enable Cascading Folder Metadata - it's on the Configuration > Site Options > Other Settings page. Check the box for "Enable cascading folder metadata". If you're a new customer, this feature will be on by default.

(Direct YouTube link)

If you need any help or want to send any feedback about cascading metadata, just let us know.

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