Announcing the Third Light Modern theme - free upgrade

Software can be beautiful as well as functional! We're delighted to announce that a brand new IMS v6 theme is now available. We call it the Modern theme — with plenty of enhancements that will make working with your Third Light site more enjoyable and productive.

The new theme contains a number of changes, including:

  • Use of the Calibri font, for great legibility and a stylish look
  • Completely new icons, re-styled for 2016 and in beautiful high-resolution (retina) quality
  • Retina-quality logo display
  • Clean and smart page layouts, delivered by both stylesheet and template improvements

The Modern theme is a simple and effective update which gives you all these benefits without any other changes or re-training, and it's completely free.

How to activate the Modern theme

Log in to your site as an administrator, and go to the Configuration > Themes and Languages menu. Click "Create New Theme" and then choose the "Modern" theme option.

Third Light Modern Theme

After creating the theme, you will also need to make it your default theme. You can do this from the list of all your themes. Click the yellow permissions icon ()next to your new theme, and then choose to make it your default theme.

Note: if you are using a deprecated module, notably e-commerce, you will not be able to create a Modern theme pack. If you're not using the e-commerce module and would like to use the Modern theme, please drop a note to support and we'll help you out.

Screenshots of the Modern theme

Tip: click on any thumbnail to open a full screen sized version of the screenshot.

Third Light API
Third Light API documentation, with coloration and code formatting for legibility
Third Light Batch Metadata Editor
The batch metadata editor, saving time and effort with easy to use bulk update capabilities
Third Light Console
The information-rich Console view, with re-arranging panels and in-line editing
Third Light Download Wizard
The download wizard makes cropping and retrieving resized images as easy as possible
Third Light Folder Manager
Create and manage folders in-line using the Folder Manager
Third Light Folder view
Thumbnails and the new icons in the toolbox, right
Third Light Forms View
Forms are clear and easy to complete in the updated Modern theme
Third Light Groups Manager
Adding or removing members from a group
Third Light Lightbox Chat
Chatting with users in a lightbox share offers quick and effective collaboration
Third Light Login page
The login page is fresh and simple, with the option of a carousel of your favorite images
Third Light Notes form
Add notes conveniently with the History Notes function
Third Light Publishing
Publish files directly to URLs - ideal for use on the web
Third Light Quick Sharing
Sharing files to popular channels, directly from the Quick Share menu
Third Light Retina icons
Ultra-sharp retina quality icons are used throughout the Modern theme
Third Light Right-Click Menus
Right-click menus give you immediate access to the most useful features
Third Light Search Preferences
Updating the search preferences form
Third Light Search Refinement
Refining results to show metadata clusters in your search results

Notes and comments

The Modern theme is available now on IMS Standard sites and new trial sites, and will be included in the next Third Light update for Premium and Enterprise customers. It won't be used automatically, so you will need to go through the process of creating a new theme to use it. Your account manager will be in touch to make sure you don't miss out on this opportunity (don't forget, it's free!).

If you've customised your themes or templates in the past, you may need to check that the changes you made will be ok in the Modern theme. You will need to copy over any changes manually.

If, for any reason, you don't like the Modern theme (or need to revert briefly to your old theme) you can do this, as your old theme will not be deleted. You can also continue to create "Classic" themes if you prefer them!

If you are using deprecated features then those features are not covered by the Modern theme, so you should not upgrade and will not see the option to use the Modern theme. Please drop a note to support if you need to discuss this.

Thanks for being a Third Light customer — we hope you love the Modern theme as much as we do!

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