Announcing AD FS And Shibboleth For IMS v6.1

Authentication features are being added to Third Light in v6.1, giving you four ways to integrate your authentication servers: AD FS, Shibboleth, Active Directory and OpenID.

Running a Third Light IMS system is about sharing access to the right media with the right people - to be effective, it's essential to give individuals their own logins. In large enterprises, maintaining control of this process centrally is important, so that PC logins, intranet access and so on are all managed in one place. It's easy to configure Third Light IMS to integrate with existing user logins by using our Authentication Module.

In IMS v6.1, due for release in June 2014, Third Light's Authentication Module will support the following authentication options (as well as our built-in user database):

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AD FS is particularly vital for corporate deployments of software in the cloud, as it provides a secure way to authenticate users without exposing sensitive Windows Servers. By exchanging tokens of trust instead of passwords, AD FS can be used as a convenient Single Sign On (SSO) service and incurs very little network or security overheads. As it connects with Active Directory, it's becoming the preferred option for many IT departments using cloud services. (docs)

OpenID is a free authentication service built around open standards, and is favoured where a web site would like to avoid asking the user to sign up with a local password, and instead trust their identity via a known provider. (docs)

Shibboleth is another federated authentication mechanism that is widely used in academia. It provides a ready-made integration route for education establishments deploying Third Light either on premises or in the cloud, where centralised IT services are issuing users with their credentials and Third Light needs to be connected to the same core user database. (docs)

Active Directory, unlike AD FS, relies on having a secure server-to-server connection between the application and the authentication server (usually a Microsoft Windows Server installation, providing LDAP services). This is one of the reasons Active Directory is more difficult to use when services are hosted in the cloud, although for on-premise installations Active Directory is often very convenient. (docs)

The Authentication Module costs £300/year and includes all four external authentication options. To find out more or to add the Authentication Module to your license, contact our sales team via [email protected] or enquire via our web site contact form.

Third Light Authentication Module

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