Cascading Folder Metadata

Most digital media libraries use folders to categorise broad subject areas. Wouldn't it be convenient if the structure of those folders also set metadata on the files, automatically? Read more

MAM,  DAM,  Image or Media Library? What Should You Look For?

Third Light Digital Asset Management Map Marketing Asset Management (MAM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Media Server, Brand Asset Management software, Photo Library software, Image management system, Digital Media Management, Media Resource Management, Digital Library, Image Organizer...
I won’t go on.

All of the above names are applied to software products that, for most practical purposes, are essentially the same thing: software that helps you manage your photo, video, audio and other artwork files so you can store them, tag them, control who can access them, find them easily and reuse them. Or, in other words, products that enable you to manage your media files in ways that help you maximise the value you get from them.

The host of different names used to describe this basic purpose are justified mainly on the basis of the additional features that vendors provide, or on the motivation of the target customers for using such a product. Thus there is some justification for the use of diverging names, but if you are a newcomer to the industry it’s confusing. It’s helpful to know if a car is a car and a word processor is a word processor because it provides a common foundation on which to compare different offerings.

In this article we will explore what names are in use and any meaningful distinctions implied, so that you can determine which names you should be using in your search for a product to solve the problems you’ve identified. We conclude you only need search for "Digital Asset Management software" unless you have one of several very particular needs.

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