Connecting engineering projects with API - Matrix Solutions Case Study

With over four million images to manage, environmental engineering consultants Matrix Solutions chose Third Light software for its adaptable Application Programming Interface (API), its user interface, and its capacity to handle a demanding load.

Knowing how closely this project is aligned with our driving principle of building "API first", we interviewed the team in Calgary, Canada, to find out more.

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Third Light hosting upgrades

Since 2002, we've hosted all our own internet services, and we periodically update them. Third Light has just completed a round of hardware refreshes, which has significantly expanded our capacity. Here is a brief summary of the investment we've made. Read more

Making the most of fast Solid State Drives (SSDs)

SSDs are outstandingly efficient and fast, but they are still more expensive than traditional spinning hard drive solutions for bulk storage. While this situation continues to change and the cost of solid state drives (SSDs) becomes more favourable, current deployments will tend to be a hybrid of solid state and traditional disks. How does Third Light manage this requirement? Read more

Case Study: Howarth Timber

The largest privately owned timber company in Britain, 175-year-old Howarth Timber Group is a network of 28 timber and builders’ merchant service branches, and a comprehensive source of equipment for building, landscaping, plumbing, heating, electrical, bathroom fittings, windows, floors and doors – everything including the kitchen sink. Read more

Event Report: DAM EU - London - 25/26 June 2015

DAM EU 2015 took place at the Raddison Blu Portman Hotel, London in June 2015. The event drew a modest size audience with a healthy enthusiasm for the promised agenda. We have collected a few thoughts about how the DAM community and analysts positioned the sector, and the messages that came across most strongly to us at this event. Read more