Drupal Plugin Available For Third Light

In this newsletter, we're announcing the availability of a powerful new plugin for the popular Drupal CMS, and we'd like to invite you to join one of our training seminars free of charge. We're also proud to announce that we're going to the BAFTAs! Read more

Free Training: 29 January 2014

We offer a free web-based training session once a month which is open to all Third Light customers. Each session lasts around 90 minutes. If new staff have joined your company and you'd like them to be familiar with Third Light IMS, why not let us help you out? Read more

Cascading Folder Metadata

Most digital media libraries use folders to categorise broad subject areas. Wouldn't it be convenient if the structure of those folders also set metadata on the files, automatically? Read more

Training Seminars

Have the staff that set your media library up have moved on - or do you have a lot of new people who could use a better understanding of what your media server can do? Read more