How To: Use Smart Folders effectively

Are you using one of the most powerful features in Third Light? This video shows you how we overcome problems related to folder structure and duplication. Use the power of the intelligent search engine: find out all about Smart Folders in three minutes. Read more

Collections save storage and improve access to key assets

A Collection contains references to files that are already stored in your library. A Collection works just like a Folder, but does not use any storage as the files are only being referred to, not duplicated. A File can be included in multiple Collections without using any additional storage. Read more

How are we doing? Support survey results

We know it's easy for any company to say they care about their customers, but we wanted to do more than this. We've built our business on offering courteous, helpful technical support - so in April and May this year, our Support Manager has been running a survey. We asked our customers how they rate our service. Here are the results. Read more

Free Training: Video and Metadata Modules, 23 April 2015

In this month's 60-minute webinar, we'll discuss two modules that extend the video and metadata features of Third Light IMS. Could these modules be the perfect fit for your media projects this year? We'll show these modules working and some examples of how they can be used. Read more