How To: Get your backups under control

Taking backups is a high priority for any business. It is one thing to have a copy of your data, but another to restore it to use. Our approach to this problem is to offer a module that allows you to run two digital asset management sites and keep them in perfect synchronisation. We call it the "Synchronisation Module". Read more

File Server Module performance boost

A very popular feature of Third Light IMS is its ability to mimic a file server on your network, while also being a DAM server in a web browser. This month we're releasing a performance enhancement for this module, offering a substantial speed boost to busy DAM users. Read more

SharePoint Module - beta release

Content Management System (CMS) plugins for Third Light are extremely effective upgrades if you plan to use your Third Light DAM to power the images on your site. We are pleased to announce the availability of our Sharepoint module in 2015. Read more

Working With Movies: The Video Editing Module

Storing and managing video assets or movie files is very different from managing images and brand assets. With high-quality video extraction tools, Third Light's Video Editing Module addresses the specific challenges of video asset management, without needing any special software on your workstation. Read more