Digital Workflow

Setting Up Quick Downloads

Download categories are a powerful and fast way for users to download images at a pre-defined size and format from your IMS library. This can significantly reduce the effort involved in preparing downloads, as users can access images in a pre-defined format and size without the need for third party software or specialist training. Read more

Cascading Folder Metadata

Most digital media libraries use folders to categorise broad subject areas. Wouldn't it be convenient if the structure of those folders also set metadata on the files, automatically? Read more

Using The File Server Module For Creative Teams

When digital asset management (DAM) systems are deployed, existing storage and file servers will still be in use for works-in-progress. How do you make the most of DAM while also retaining a simple, familiar file server environment? Read more

Comparing File Servers And Digital Asset Management Servers

Most organisations operate file servers to allow staff to share content, and like digital asset management systems the core benefit of this model is to store the files in a central location reached via the network. However, there are several fundamental problems with digital asset reuse which this a file server can cause. Read more