Digital Workflow

Comparing File Servers And Digital Asset Management Servers

Most organisations operate file servers to allow staff to share content, and like digital asset management systems the core benefit of this model is to store the files in a central location reached via the network. However, there are several fundamental problems with digital asset reuse which this a file server can cause. Read more

Metadata Management And Workflow

To allow extra flexibility, our digital asset management software includes the facility to set up an unlimited number of upload accounts, with different metadata workflows allocated to different users and groups. Read more

Workflow And Engaging Your Users

In digital asset management, the phrase "peer sourcing" is particularly relevant. When a new file or collection of files is uploaded, you will want to capture the specialist information and awareness of the content. This is most probably known to the person doing the uploading. Read more

How To: detect duplicate images

Any collection of digital media is likely to contain some duplicates, and the time and effort spent on tagging the same file (or the risks associated with fragmented record-keeping) makes this a high priority for any digital asset manager. Read more