DAM - Digital Asset Management

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Distributor Showcase: London Graphic Systems

As a software integrations company serving a range of sectors, finding the right solution for our clients is essential.  Our relationship with Third Light began in 2014, with the simple remit to provide a DAM solution that would meet the demands of a broad variety of requirements across small to enterprise businesses.  Read More…
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Collections save storage and improve access to key assets

A Collection contains references to files that are already stored in your library. A Collection works just like a Folder, but does not use any storage as the files are only being referred to, not duplicated. A File can be included in multiple Collections without using any additional storage. Read More…
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How are we doing? Support survey results

We know it's easy for any company to say they care about their customers, but we wanted to do more than this. We've built our business on offering courteous, helpful technical support - so in April and May this year, our Support Manager has been running a survey. Here are the results. Read More…
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Protect your digital assets with SSL - free!

Traffic moving through the internet passes through countless third party networks on its journey to your computer. This includes sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and copies of digital media in your Third Light site. Read More…
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