How to protect your brand with Chorus watermarks

Featured image for article at how-to-protect-your-brand-with-chorus-watermarks Managing your brand assets across multiple projects using a digital asset management platform, like Chorus, gives you peace of mind as you know they’re securely stored and can only be accessed by those you choose to. But one key factor to consider when collaborating with internal and external stakeholders is how to prevent people from using unapproved assets across your different workflows. If you want your brand assets to remain fully protected against unauthorized use or copyright infringement, this is where Chorus watermarks come in. Read more

Sixt drives productivity with Chorus and CMS integration

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Sixt is the world’s largest mobility fleet with more than 250,000 cars in over 105 countries. It generates revenues of more than 2.6 billion Euros making it one of the largest integrated mobility providers. By constantly challenging the status quo and with the drive to get things done, the worldwide Sixt family is working towards a future in which people around the globe have access to safe, efficient and comfortable mobility. With ease, simplicity and accessibility at the heart of their vision, Francesco Ricci, SEO Manager Franchise, tells us how these values have extended to their working practices too.

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Space to create, space to collaborate

Featured image for article at space-to-create-space-to-collaborate How you distribute digital content determines how much of the time and money invested in its making is unlocked – it's why we spend our time developing ways to make the process simpler, faster and more powerful. But when it comes to someone taking a peek at the early stages of your creative process, we know it's important you decide when this happens. Here's how you get this from our digital asset management solution. Read more

Annotations: closing the feedback loop with Chorus

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Today’s marketing and creative teams are having to move even faster when it comes to creating their content pipeline. This often involves working with multiple types of files for different projects that require feedback from various stakeholders across the company, as well as external collaborators. So, how can you and your team ensure that you gather accurate and timely feedback across your content workflows without impacting your project timescales?

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Aqualung Group deep dives into Chorus for brand management

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Over 70 years ago Aqualung Group pioneered the creation of modern diving equipment when Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau teamed with Émile Gagnan to develop the first “aqua-lung” that made underwater exploration possible. Today, the brand continues to be the leading global designer and manufacturer of dive and water sports gear for ocean lovers around the world. It supports 7 primary sub-brands, each with a unique set of assets and internal brand teams to create and manage them.

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