Women in STEM we love to follow

Featured image for article at women-in-stem-we-love-to-follow For International Women's Day 2021, we've asked our founder to share some of the female experts in science, tech, engineering and maths he finds the most fascinating, authoritative and illuminating. Read more

Chorus’s labels: your visual customization tool

Featured image for article at choruss-labels-your-visual-customization-tool Metadata, such as tags, captions and keywords, is an essential part of any digital asset management software; it's how you help everyone find the files they're looking for. But if you want to build on that searchability so your users can navigate, organize – and even manage workflows – intuitively, Chorus's labels feature adds a crucial extra dimension to DAM. Read more

How to keep collaboration creative when everyone’s apart

Featured image for article at how-to-keep-collaboration-creative-when-everyones-apart Modern enterprise software means all kinds of remote workers can easily store and share files, manage projects and talk to each other – and it's no different for marketing teams. But beyond organizing, planning and communicating, no one has yet developed digital platforms to transmit the collective alchemy that occurs when we're creating in the same place! Here are three ways to help collaborators overcome the distance. Read more

Collections: the Chorus ‘playlists’ that save everyone time

Featured image for article at collections-the-chorus-playlists-that-save-everyone-time When your team members and colleagues are looking for specific assets to help them do their work, Chorus makes sure everything is findable in a jiffy. But when you need more control over user experience – directing everyone to specific files for example, or curating picks for your next project – that's where the collection tools step in. Read more

The hidden opportunities of customer content

Featured image for article at the-hidden-opportunities-of-customer-content When planning and creating marketing content, it's tempting to focus entirely outwards on lead generation, leaving converted audiences to customer-facing teams once onboarded. But if you're looking for new avenues to enrich your content strategy, it’s worth taking a look inwards, too. Read more