2020: Look back with us on a year we’ll never forget

Featured image for article at 2020-look-back-with-us-on-a-year-well-never-forget As years go, this one will be remembered for decades to come. Like everyone else, we've had a mix of challenges and 'ah-ha' moments at Third Light as we've adapted to countless new ways of living and working. Here's the story of our 2020. Read more

Why smart businesses are investing in digital collaboration tools

Featured image for article at smart-businesses-are-investing-in-digital-collaboration-tools In the current period of stasis, some business leaders are grasping the reins on behalf of their organizations. Already compelled this year to trial new professional solutions (such as messaging, videoconferencing or file storage), many are waking up to the longer term potential of digital tools for global collaboration. Read more

How Third Light’s teams found space to collaborate – wherever we are

Featured image for article at how-third-lights-teams-found-space-to-collaborate-wherever-we-are When everyone at Third Light suddenly had to work remotely during lockdown, Chorus's configurable, secure 'spaces' helped everyone keep working, without skipping a beat. Why? Our digital asset management solution goes light years beyond simple media storage; it’s built to transform work-in-progress projects, too. Here's how. Read more

If you’ve lost focus WFH, here’s how to re-engage your brain

Featured image for article at lost-your-wfh-focus-heres-how-to-re-engage-your-brain Remote working can offer so many benefits for efficiency and quality of life, but few of us were truly prepared for this year’s sudden shift to a full-time home office. If you’re starting to feel as if your concentration’s at risk, the solution can be found in how your brain processes the world around it – through your senses. Read more