Online workspaces: why content teams need specialist solutions

Featured image for article at online-workspaces-why-content-teams-need-specialist-solutions If your team works with media, you won't see as many benefits from Dropbox, Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 as your information-based colleagues do. The difference? Digital asset management capability. It’s why Chorus is the specialist solution for content production and publishing. Read more

Bump in the road? Get expert advice for unpicking problems

Featured image for article at resolve-improve-and-grow-expert-advice-for-unpicking-problems Is your team fed up of hitting the same bumps in your workflows, or mystified by something that isn't quite gelling? Anyone who's tried to address these sorts of issues knows it's harder than it looks to find answers that work without stopping something else working! We asked some of Third Light's expert problem solvers how they approach snags, hurdles and hiccups. Read more

Put your content to work with Chorus published links

Featured image for article at put-your-content-to-work-with-chorus-published-links We all know you get the best value from your marketing assets when they're fully accessible to the people who need to use, see or distribute them. So when content is ready to share on a wider basis, Chorus helps you control and track who accesses it - here's how. Read more

A day in the life of a training specialist

Featured image for article at a-day-in-the-life-of-a-training-specialist We'd like to think Chorus is pretty great at smoothing and simplifying collaborative project work. But we also know that any professional solution is even more powerful in the hands of its users when combined with effective and informed training. Our programs are delivered and devised by specialist Guy Johnson; we checked in to see what his average day looks like. Read more

Intuitive design: why our work software’s getting friendlier

Featured image for article at intuitive-design-why-our-work-softwares-getting-friendlier Have you ever found professional digital tools a challenge to master compared to the apps we can't put down in everyday life? There's good news: businesses are starting to realize a truly productive workforce needs that same satisfaction and ease of use in the office, too. Read more