Collections: the Chorus ‘playlists’ that save everyone time

Featured image for article at collections-the-chorus-playlists-that-save-everyone-time When your team members and colleagues are looking for specific assets to help them do their work, Chorus makes sure everything is findable in a jiffy. But when you need more control over user experience – directing everyone to specific files for example, or curating picks for your next project – that's where the collection tools step in. Read more

The hidden opportunities of customer content

Featured image for article at the-hidden-opportunities-of-customer-content When planning and creating marketing content, it's tempting to focus entirely outwards on lead generation, leaving converted audiences to customer-facing teams once onboarded. But if you're looking for new avenues to enrich your content strategy, it’s worth taking a look inwards, too. Read more

Put your content to work with Chorus published links

Featured image for article at put-your-content-to-work-with-chorus-published-links We all know you get the best value from your marketing assets when they're fully accessible to the people who need to use, see or distribute them. So when content is ready to share on a wider basis, Chorus helps you control and track who accesses it - here's how. Read more

The key to better learning? A growth mindset

Featured image for article at the-key-to-better-learning-a-growth-mindset In a working world that demands ever-evolving skills, ongoing professional development is essential. However, confronting what we don't know often puts us in a position of vulnerability – unless we train our minds to be more open, trusting and resilient. Here's how to cultivate that 'growth mindset'. Read more

Register now for our spring 2021 Chorus webinars

Featured image for article at register-now-for-our-spring-2021-chorus-webinars As creative teams begin to establish new ways of working to fit distributed arrangements, digital asset management has never been so important for collaboration - especially with our solution, Chorus, which supports file syncing, comments and customizable virtual workspaces. Our first series of free webinars for 2021 have been created by our award-winning Customer Success team to cover everything you need to know to get the most out of Chorus, from content production to publishing. Read more