Aqualung Group deep dives into Chorus for brand management

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Over 70 years ago Aqualung Group pioneered the creation of modern diving equipment when Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau teamed with Émile Gagnan to develop the first “aqua-lung” that made underwater exploration possible. Today, the brand continues to be the leading global designer and manufacturer of dive and water sports gear for ocean lovers around the world. It supports 7 primary sub-brands, each with a unique set of assets and internal brand teams to create and manage them.

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Chorus update boosts team communication with Slack integration plus new notifications manager

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Efficient collaboration has always been at the core of our digital asset management solution. We know the positive impact of using tools that focus on teamwork and task automation because we use Chorus ourselves. Chorus has streamlined the way we work and made us less error-prone. Slack integration has sped up communication, and the new notifications manager has helped us focus on what is important, by filtering out the noise. We're thrilled to be able to pass these benefits on to you.

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Simplifying team workflows with Chorus

Featured image for article at simplifying-team-workflows-with-chorus Photographer, designer, manager… It takes many pairs of hands and countless stages to create what looks to the outside world like simple sales and marketing materials! Thankfully, Chorus is here to put it all in the cloud – and take care of the back-and-forth that slows down the delivery of many creative projects. Here’s how. Read more

When you need to keep things simple: Chorus

Featured image for article at when-you-need-to-keep-things-simple-chorus Our digital asset management solution has been designed to handle the sophisticated requirements of digital content specialists – but what if you’re looking for a product that also serves people who aren’t as comfortable with technology? Here’s how Chorus meets the needs of both. Read more

Upcoming webinar – Chorus: a deep dive. How to simplify your content workflows

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As marketing and creative teams collaborate to create content while working from different locations, time-consuming file management is one of the main issues they experience. This often involves multiple stages of production, feedback, and amends from different teams and it’s why using a digital asset management solution has never been so important.

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