Chorus overlays: mock up, review, go!

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We’re all about helping you to speed up your creative workflows, so you can get your work done quickly and create that engaging content that will captivate your audience.

To help you with this, this month we’re introducing Chorus overlays, a new tool that allows creative teams to mock up and review their crops before downloading them and using them on their creative projects.

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Third Light celebrates 20th anniversary!

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On 16th April Third Light celebrated 20 years in business, and looking back to when it all started, we can say that our eventful and exciting history has helped shape the company we are today.

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Chorus update brings more simplicity and speed to content workflows

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From subtle user experience improvements to whole brand-new features, we're always working on ways to make Chorus more user-friendly and powerful. It’s why we’re particularly excited about this update. We often hear from customers about how time efficiency is crucial to the success of their work-in-progress projects, and how beneficial is having access to tools that work seamlessly with their workflows.

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How to protect your brand with Chorus watermarks

Featured image for article at how-to-protect-your-brand-with-chorus-watermarks Managing your brand assets across multiple projects using a digital asset management platform, like Chorus, gives you peace of mind as you know they’re securely stored and can only be accessed by those you choose to. But one key factor to consider when collaborating with internal and external stakeholders is how to prevent people from using unapproved assets across your different workflows. If you want your brand assets to remain fully protected against unauthorized use or copyright infringement, this is where Chorus watermarks come in. Read more

Sixt drives productivity with Chorus and CMS integration

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Sixt is the world’s largest mobility fleet with more than 250,000 cars in over 105 countries. It generates revenues of more than 2.6 billion Euros making it one of the largest integrated mobility providers. By constantly challenging the status quo and with the drive to get things done, the worldwide Sixt family is working towards a future in which people around the globe have access to safe, efficient and comfortable mobility. With ease, simplicity and accessibility at the heart of their vision, Francesco Ricci, SEO Manager Franchise, tells us how these values have extended to their working practices too.

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