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Picture this: a DAM solution built in your image

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So, you're wondering if some kind of software could help your marketing and creative teams manage and publish their content – especially now everyone is working remotely. A digital asset management (DAM) system may be the solution, but there are so many options out there. Which one will work best for your users? Configuration is a key consideration.

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How Chorus helps PR teams manage media

Featured image for article at how-chorus-helps-pr-teams-manage-media Running a PR function has never been more complex, but a digital asset management solution can take care of so much detail in the background. Chorus automates and controls content so communication teams can get on with the stuff that matters - here's how. Read more

DAM pricing: how to navigate the maze

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So, you're searching for a digital asset management system to organize your company's media. While this sounds straightforward enough, you may be wondering why it's such a challenge to get a concrete answer on cost. Let's explore why this might be, and how you can find a path through it all.

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How Chorus gives social media teams time to think

Featured image for article at how-chorus-gives-social-media-teams-time-to-think Social media teams have to be responsive and consistent - but keeping effective, good quality media flowing across multiple platforms doesn't always leave breathing space for strategic work. Here's how Chorus automates the digital content management chores that can eat up your time. Read more

Chorus: the powerful tech behind a creative solution

Featured image for article at chorus-the-powerful-tech-behind-a-creative-solution Chorus was designed to free up valuable time for marketing and creative teams - so we won't mind if you don't want to spend too long thinking about what happens behind the scenes to keep it all running, smoothly and securely. However, if you're a behind-the-scenes person too, or you'd just like to know about the standards we hold for our management of the system and see exactly how your valuable files and content are in such safe hands, we've compiled in one place all the facts and figures you, or your IT manager will need. Read more