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Marketing in the COVID-19 era: the results are in

Featured image for article at marketing-the-covid-19-era Now we’re almost at the lockdown finish line (we hope, at least), what unfolds over the months - and possibly years - to come is just as hard to predict as the first half of 2020 was back in January. And while we’ve got to grips with mask etiquette and learned what the word ‘furlough’ actually means, the biggest thing we know for sure is that no one has had the same experience. Read more

Collections do more with Chorus update

Featured image for article at collections-chorus-update When our Chorus user experience team looks at which features to work on next, they listen closely to what the system’s existing users have to say. Case in point is the headline development of this month’s Chorus update: private collections, a really useful new addition to the collections feature that answers quite a few recent requests. Read more

Third Light launches eLearning academy for Chorus users

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Here at Third Light, time is always on our minds. Whatever we’re working on, it’s the first thing we consider; we know it’s as precious to our customers as it is to us.

It’s the main reason we recommend training as part of a successful Chorus rollout – when team members know how to use its powerful collaborative features from the time of launch, everyone can reap the benefits as soon as possible.

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Spark joy in your workplace with effective metadata

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Chances are, you’ve heard about Marie Kondo’s Kon-Mari Method – the idea that giving consideration to the purpose of items helps you shed unnecessary clutter for a calmer, happier and more efficient home. And as passionate advocates of calmer, happier and more efficient workspaces, we were excited to see Kondo teaming up with organizational psychologist Scott Sonenshein to release the book Joy at Work.

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