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If you’ve lost focus WFH, here’s how to re-engage your brain

Featured image for article at lost-your-wfh-focus-heres-how-to-re-engage-your-brain Remote working can offer so many benefits for efficiency and quality of life, but few of us were truly prepared for this year’s sudden shift to a full-time home office. If you’re starting to feel as if your concentration’s at risk, the solution can be found in how your brain processes the world around it – through your senses. Read more

Planning a change? Don’t forget to factor in feelings

Featured image for article at planning-a-change-dont-forget-to-factor-in-feelings Whether you're introducing a timesaving digital tool, rolling out software or transforming how an entire company does business, the chances of a successful launch will increase by a third if the people at the centre of your plans are emotionally invested. Read more

How Chorus now supports creative conversations

Featured image for article at how-chorus-now-supports-creative-conversations Digital tools for file storage and collaborative communication came into their own this year. But many creative teams found they needed a more joined-up combination for effective collaboration - so we started looking for a way to make this happen. Read more

How to maintain your brand in remote workspaces

Featured image for article at how-to-maintain-your-brand-in-remote-workspaces Hands up who got to stick to their plans for 2020… anyone? With so many factors beyond our control, it makes sense to dedicate some energy to the things we can influence. Strengthening your organization's brand identity is not only achievable but strategic; the only challenge is how to do it remotely. Read more