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Third Light Launches Chorus Mobile App to Simplify On-The-Go Uploads

Third Light has released the Chorus Mobile Upload App as a free companion product for its leading digital asset management solution. Available for iOS and Android devices, the Chorus Mobile Upload App simplifies on-the-go uploads for busy content professionals, anytime and from anywhere in the world.

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Eco-friendly Investment Delivers Increase in Network Performance and Processing Power

Providing a consistently excellent user experience for customers is a key priority for Third Light, but expanding server capacity does not need to be at the expense of the environment. As Third Light’s customer base grows, new strategies and plans have been put in place to ensure the company provides an outstanding platform with unrivalled performance and green credentials. In the latest round of improvements completed in September 2019, the team has announced a substantial investment in technology which handles increased workloads, while reducing CO2 emissions per customer.

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Simple, Clean and Accessible – Third Light’s New Starters Explain The Importance of Good UX

Once upon a time it would have been technical specifications taking the lead on a business software purchase, but as we head towards 2020, there’s no doubt that user experience has taken centre stage and is one the most important factors when it comes to winning the deal. And as SaaS businesses proliferate, so the competition grows in our increasingly tech-savvy society - as consumers, we search for, download and use a diverse range of apps on a daily basis, so our expectations around simple, clean and accessible software keep on rising.

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Upgrade to Third Light Chorus

Following the release of its latest digital media library, Chorus, in 2018, Third Light has launched a migration program for customers using its Intelligent Media Server (IMS) solution. Read more