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How a global computing project is fighting Covid-19 – and what we’re doing to help

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Led by the Washington University School of Medicine, the [email protected] project unites thousands of computer owners globally to fight Covid-19 – and we at Third Light are proud to be part of it.

A consortium of research institutions – plus a global army of volunteer moderators, translators, guides and developers – stepped in to form [email protected], establishing a global network of computer space ‘borrowed’ from anyone who volunteers it. The shared mission: to simulate and map diseases.

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Third Light offsets 7 years of CO2 emissions with investment in Portel Pará project, Brazil

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Here at Third Light, we’ve been working for a while on tackling our carbon footprint. Like all companies who provide digital services, our environmental impact mostly stems from the emissions caused by the electricity powering our computer equipment. It’s been a long-held goal of ours to achieve carbon-neutral status, and we’re proud to announce that we’ve now achieved this, celebrating our final steps earlier this spring by giving each attendee of the first Cambridge The Marketing Meetup (of which we are proud sponsors) a miniature cactus or succulent.

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Latest Chorus update boosts remote working

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This month, we’ve been working on improving your experience of storing, sharing and – most importantly – collaborating via Chorus. Our 2.7 update includes security and technical enhancements you won’t even notice, but there’s one clever new feature you’ll definitely benefit from knowing about. We call them Path URLs.

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Marketing community comes together to help marketers thrive in current crisis

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In the face of the current global situation, businesses and brands are under a huge amount of pressure to take action and come up with fast and innovative initiatives to deal with the crisis. Marketing teams, in particular, are feeling the strain of having to quickly develop and deliver strategies for their organizations that they hope will have a positive impact on business, despite the future being so uncertain.

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