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Chorus Workflow Module brings simplicity to digital content collaboration

The Workflow Dashboard provides collaboration tools and streamlines the management of approvals across teams. It has been designed to integrate with other features of Third Light’s successful digital media library, Chorus, launched in early 2018. Users can request approval to upload, download or share files in Chorus.

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Scheduled Maintenance - 28 October and 6 November 2018

Third Light's hosting services are scheduled for maintenance to perform hardware updates and renewal. We'll be needing a few hours of downtime for some of the services involved. This page describes the two dates and times when services will be affected, and how to get further news on those dates. Read more

Using Google’s Artificial Intelligence to tag images

Modern computer vision systems can, potentially, save a lot of time and effort when it comes to tagging generic content. For example, stock images and pictures of common objects can be tagged with very good results. Third Light is running an experiment with Google's Cloud Vision system to provide this facility as part of Chorus. Read more