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The King’s School, Worcester - Third Light case study

The King's School in Worcester is a mixed independent school of about 950 students. It has close links to Worcester Cathedral, and uses many of the Cathedral buildings during its daily work. As the River Severn also borders the school, the staff and students can appreciate being in a beautiful and special place. The senior school is part of a Foundation, which also includes two junior schools, one on the same site as the senior school and one slightly out of the city. In total, it is one of the largest independent schools in the country.

We spoke to Russ Baum, Director of Studies to find out how DAM has become invaluable to the school.

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Why businesses need DAM - and the importance of a cloud-based solution

Marketers and creatives are increasingly overwhelmed by the amount of technology available to support their everyday activities - email marketing software, website CMS, marketing automation systems, social media management platforms, analytics tools, CRMs and graphics utilities. More recently, digital asset management systems or digital image libraries have also become key tools for marketers as well as designers and photographers. Read more

Third Light and LGS join forces to deliver the perfect technology solution

It’s no surprise that with a combined 35 years of experience and expertise in asset management, Third Light and LGS can together deliver perfectly tailored, multi-functional, end-to-end solutions for their customers. Integrating services to meet the needs of all user requirements avoids disappointing customers with an off-the-shelf product and a one-size-fits-all attitude. Our team explains how they’ve worked together to keep their customers happy. Read more