Third Light's News

Sharing and Collaborating - Free training webinar

Sharing content from your Third Light library is incredibly easy. Now you have a central store of all your media, you can say goodbye to email attachments. Instead, send lightweight links to files and folders, and use lightboxes to invite comments and feedback! Read more

Third Light visit to The National Museum of Computing 2016

Taking a short break from our mission to make great digital media libraries, we recently took our annual trip to the National Museum of Computing in Milton Keynes. Many of our staff are members of the museum and regular visitors, volunteers and supporters of the museum. Here is a short journal of our visit! Read more

Security update - CVE-2015-7547

CVE-2015-7547 is a vulnerability in the GNU C library. A buffer overflow in the code may be used to exploit a system or cause unexpected behaviour. Read more