Guide: How to demonstrate ROI and create a business case

Digital Asset Management

If you’re looking to move on from a legacy digital media management system, or you’ve never had anything like a digital media library before, one thing is for certain, you’ll need buy-in from your key decision makers and the best place to start is by creating a solid business case and demonstrate ROI.

Business Case for Digital Asset Management

This guide will offer you practical advice to help the decision process within your organization. You’ll learn how to build a winning business case by following these key steps:

  • Defining key business objectives
  • Evaluating your current system and usability issues
  • Creating list of users, system managers and roles
  • Determining user requirements and functionality
  • System requirements and integration
  • Outlining benefits and ROI
  • Calculating costs, budget and timescales
  • Deciding on training requirements

Finally, we explain the best approach for you to research and find the best digital media library solution for your business.

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