Please select your platform from the list below, and click to download the installation packages:

Download Link


Download for Windows (EXE)

64-bit Windows 7+ EXE installer (✓ recommended and supported)

Download for Windows (MSI)64-bit Windows 7+ MSI package

Download for older MacOS X - unsupported

(pre-Sierra) MacOS X 10.7 to 10.11, DMG
(archived version) 

Download for MacOS X(El Capitan and later) MacOS X 10.11+, DMG (✓ recommended and supported)

Install on iPhone/iPad

iOS 6.x and higher, iPad, iPhone, iPod (✓ recommended and supported)

Windows Requirements

The Third Light Uploader works on Windows 7 and above. .Net 4.5 is required and will be checked during the installation. It is a standard application which runs by double-clicking the package after it has been downloaded. It can be uninstalled at any time using the standard Windows software manager.

The Third Light Uploader is not supported on Windows XP or Vista.

MacOS X Requirements

An Intel Mac running MacOS X 10.7 or later is required. Earlier versions of MacOS X and the PPC architecture are unsupported. To install, open the DMG and drag the Third Light Uploader application to your Applications folder or Dock. We recommend you use the newest build available. Your Third Light Uploader tool will alert you when a new version is available.

iOS Notes

Download our complementary application which allows you to send images from your iOS Photo Library or device camera directly into your Third Light IMS site. This app. requires iOS v6+ and either a WiFi or 3G network connection for uploads. A camera can be used to capture images and upload them directly, if available. You can read more in the App Store.