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Permissions determine how users of spaces or folders can work with their files.

User Permissions Explained

Users can see the files here, and see all file metadata, file data, and revisions.

They can also add these files to collections and create smart collections using these files.

DownloadUsers can download the files and items here.

Users can upload and move items into this space or folder, as well as create collections and smart collections here.

Users can create subspaces within this space.


Members can add and edit metadata tags and values on the files here.

They can also create new versions of the file with rotations and replacements.

DeleteMembers can move original files from this space or folder into the Bin.
View AttachmentsMembers can view files which have been attached to other files (for example, consent forms).
ShareMembers can share folders from this space, or share this folder, with other users from across the Chorus site.
PublishMembers can share files, folders, collections, smart collections, and all of the contents of this location with external audiences by publishing URL links.


Spaces, Folders, Collections and Smart Collections are examples of containers. They contain your content. Permissions are applied to containers.

Transferring content between Containers

Be aware that there will be two sets of permissions to consider - those of the source container and those of the destination container. This is an important concept to understand as the source and destination permissions must be considered together.

Example 1 - Moving a file from one space to another space

  • You need View permission on the source space in order to see the files.
  • You need Delete permission on source space in order to move it (change ownership) elsewhere.
  • You need Upload/Add permission on the target space to add new files.

Example 2 - Adding a file from a space to a collection in your private space

  • You need View permission on the source space in order to see the files.
  • You need Edit permission on the source space in order to change the scope of the files.

  • You need Publish permission on the source space.
  • You need Download permission on the source space.
  • You need Share permission on the source space.
  • You will already have full permissions on your private space.

Example 2 - Alternative approach

Use the 'Share As Collection' button instead of the 'Add to Collection' button and share the file(s) with yourself. A new collection will be created in your private space containing the selected files.