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This module provides the option to use a Third Light server as a shared network drive, as well as using its rich web-based digital asset management features, when required. The IMS File Server Module uses the Web Distributed Authoring and Visioning (WebDAV) extension of the HTTP protocol. MacOS X and Windows 7 are supported, although a commercial WebDAV client may be required. The following sections describe how to set-up the File Server Module: for details about using it, please refer to the Administration guide at File Server Module.

Please ensure you read the Hardware and Performance Pre-requisties before you begin.


The web-based interface provides the digital asset management application, while the File Server Module provides a shared storage area that behaves like a hard drive. Both systems are kept in perfect synchronisation. Many users can connect simultaneously from different locations. Accessing files on a PC/network drive can be much more convenient - especially for those wanting to open files in word processing or creative applications like Photoshop, InDesign etc.

The File Server Module is available to those using our Enterprise Edition. Use requires that IMS is installed on your own IT infrastructure rather than being hosted by Third Light and it must be purchased as a module.

Visual Summary

Please note that user metadata requirements and upload approval settings are not taken into account when using the File Server Module. Duplicate filenames within the same folder are not supported, the client will only display one of the duplicated files.



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