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Use your own domain name with Third Light

If you control your own domain name, by making adjustments to your DNS records, you could add a new entry that refers to your IMS site.

Step 1 - Updating your DNS

IMS can be run under any domain name. To do this, the DNS records for the chosen domain’s records need to be CNAMEs of

A CNAME record is a pointer, which allows you to direct requests for your site to our servers. For example, in BIND (notice the trailing dots are required): 	IN	CNAME

Many internet service providers and domain registrars offer a control panel to help domain owners add or adjust records for their web site. These services vary considerably, and you may wish to ask for specific help from the company where you registered your domain.

Please note that an 'HTTP redirect' is not a suitable alternative to adjusting DNS records.

Also note that changes you make to your DNS records may take a while to propagate across the Internet.

Step 2 - Checking if your DNS records have been updated correctly

Online tools (not provided by Third Light) exist to allow you to check your DNS records:


Entering into the form should then show that there is an association between and if you have set it up correctly.

At this point you should also be able to access your IMS site on your new domain.

Step 3 - Choose the preferred domain

When your new address has been activated, your IMS site may potentially respond on two different domain names - and

Set your preferred default by altering the settings on the Configuration > Site Options > Global Settings page.



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