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Uploading is the process of adding new files into your Intelligent Media Server (IMS). There are a number of ways to do this and features to support organisational standards and procedures.

If you already know what you are looking for, please select from the following options. If you are new to IMS please consider the Introduction to uploading below.

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Introduction to Uploads

IMS provides several different and optional tools to upload files, as follows.

  • Desktop Upload Tool This is the recommended method. Users install the tool on their PC or Mac, and can use it to upload files up to 4GB in size. This tool is ideally suited for for users who will upload regularly.
  • Browser Uploads This an easy and convenient way to upload files but is designed for smaller transfers. Suitable for occasional uploads or for use on computers where the Third Light Uploader has not been installed.
  • SFTP (and FTP) Uploads Intended for larger transfers and users with more technical skills, for integration, or situations where the other upload options are not available.

If you have an Apple iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad, Third Light also offers a free mobile photo upload app

You can specify to which tools each User has access, and configure a number of options to control the process of uploading, as follows.

  • Customising Uploads Specify the folder into which a user can upload, or allow them to choose the Folder.
  • Duplicate Detection and Version Control Specify if IMS should detect if any of the files the user is uploading are the same or very similar when compared with the files already in IMS and if so, prompt the user to decide how to manage the duplication.
  • Approvals and Workflow Specify if uploaded files must be sent for approval by another User or group of Users.
  • Customising Uploads When a User uploads files, you can permit or require metadata fields to be populated for the new files.
  • Customising Uploads Ensure terms and conditions or copyright notices are managed during the upload process.
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